How does the journey of a startup begin?

Startups arise in two scenarios: from the founder ‘s idea or as a result of a new project in an existing company.

Founded in 2015, in the Silicon Valley, Worthix is a great example of a startup that came from an idea of its founder. In 2016, the company was accelerated by the “500 Startups” fund. It currently serves about 112 customers and has five offices in the cities of Atlanta, San Francisco, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Em 2016, a empresa foi acelerada pelo fundo “500 Startups”. Atualmente atende cerca de 112 clientes e conta com cinco escritórios nas cidades de Atlanta, São Francisco, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro e São Paulo.

“We analyzed what would be the effort of launching in Brazil and what would be the effort of launching in the Silicon Valley and saw that the idea that launching a company outside Brazil would be harder than it actually is, was really only in our head. You need a certain capital, investment so you can take a chance on the first steps, but the effort at the time was pretty similar. And the difference is that after you start experiencing Silicon Valley’s ecosystem, you realize that the world is going to consume innovation and technology in the Silicon Valley, and that it is a much more efficient platform, from the point of view of creating a global company, than São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. And the fact that we founded it directly in the Silicon Valley allowed us to have a more organized corporate organization, that the global investor expects, and allowed us to conduct rounds in a much more competitive ecosystem from the investor’s point of view. In Brazil, although nowadays the ecosystem is much more developed, there are still few major investors”, explains Guilherme Cerqueira, Worthix’s CEO and founder. founder of Worthix,

Accountfy, on the other hand, represents the case of a startup created within another existing company. Fintech was founded in July, 2017, in São Paulo, with the purpose of assisting small and medium-sized companies and preparing balance sheets and financial analyses. In 2021, it received an investment in the amount of USD 4.5 million, by Redpoint eventures and HDI funds, an incentive that paved the way to the expansion to the United States.

“We started as a consulting company and ended up developing a software within that consultancy, which is now Accountfy. We never worried about corporate structure, these types of things. When an interested fund came up and said “we want to invest in the software, not in the consultancy” we had to remove Accountfy from our consulting company, since the fund was interested exclusively in the software. Our ambition at the time already was to be a global company. Opening in Delaware and keep operating from Brazil. This corporate part was laborious to us, but it was cheaper than if we had left to do it when the company was already bigger”, Goldwasser Pereira Neto, Accountfy’s CEO and co-founder. founder of Accountfy.

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