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Founded in Boston (USA) in 2010, Drummond gathers in one company tax, legal, accounting and migration services. That is only possible because we rely on a multidisciplinary team, with global experience and certifies to perform in both countries. The diversity and qualification of such professionals enables Drummond to have a broad and complete view of the challenges involved in international transactions, including the conversion of accounting standards (USGAAP vs. IFRS vs. BRGAAP), tax planning, international contracts, obtainment of specific visas for investors, trademark registration, and much more.

Our team is located in Boston, Miami, New York, Orlando, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo, allowing for in loco assistance to its clients and partners.


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Accounting – Pre-operational | Simple holding | Consolidating Holding | Companies with limited financial activities | Companies Enrolled in the Simplified Taxation System | Assumed Profit Companies | Taxable Income Companies – 

Does your company need to submit reports to the United States or countries that work with international standards? Work with US GAAP and IFRS experts. The Drummond team has professionals certified in the USA and Brazil who speak your language.

Operating in two different national markets poses an additional challenge for the tax planning of internationalized companies: the laws and standards in force in Brazil and in the United States are full of details that may make all the difference in the success of your business. Relying on professionals qualified to assess, plan and develop strategies considering what is beneficial and legal in the jurisdictions of interest is critical for those who wish to stay out of trouble.

Transactions between related parties are constantly on the radar of regulatory agencies of Brazil and the United States. Due to unawareness of the transfer price legislation or for not prioritizing the topic, some companies and citizens have been suffering penalties imposed by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service and the equivalent agency of the USA, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Is your company in compliance with the current transfer price regulation? What are the potential sanctions? How can you protect yourself? Talk to our experts on the matter.

In this service we assist companies that need support in administrative services for the management and control of accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash flow reports, financial income statement and the entire payment organization procedure and inclusion for approval in the customer’s bank for weekly review and approval of each payment. We use an online financial system to allow the customer around the clock access to their financial information.

Due Diligence is a structured process to study, audit, investigate and assess risks and opportunities in business operations. It is usually carried out by companies involved in equity, merger and acquisition rounds in which the investing or acquiring company needs certainty that the accounting figures are free from misstatements that may affect the final acquisition or investment value. Our team of experts is trained to conduct this entire assurance process where the final product is the report with the adjusted financial statements, in addition to the planning of any potential tax and labor risks associated to the reviewed company.

A certified public accountant is a professional who performs slightly different roles than those performed by accountants in Brazil.

The CPAs’ professional training combines law and accounting, which results in remarkable preparation to execute tax planning through the smart use of the applicable accounting principles and legal standards.

Thus, all CPAs are accountants, but not all accountants are CPAs. The main difference between them pertains to academic and professional requirements that need to be evidenced, and especially to the approval in the Uniform CPA Exam.

Accounting reprocessing

We provide this service for companies that want a greater assurance of their financial statements. In this service, we redo the entire accounting closing annually, and, as a result, we have financial statements with account breakdown that suit the reality of the company.

Federal Fiscal Diagnosis

We perform an actual electronic audit of major federal accessory obligations for Taxable Income and Assumed Profit companies. In this service, we check if all obligations have been submitted, if all stated payments have been paid, and, as a result, we provide an audit report with issues found each month, including the following taxes: IRPJ, CSLL, IRRF, CSRF, PIS, COFINS and ICMS and all corresponding accessory obligations: ECD, ECF, DIRF, EFD Contributions and EFD ICMS/IPI.

Accounting Review

It is a balance sheet analysis process to ensure the breakdown of book balances and the reconciliation of appropriate book balances. In this work our team reviews equity balances and prepares account breakdown reports and reconciliations with financial documents for our customers. In the event of discrepancies between the financial controls and the ledgers, we also make the adjustments required for the statements to be consistent with one another.

Tax Review

In this work with check the customer’s tax assessments based on a certain period (ex. last 5 years), making the recalculations and verifications of the figures obtained and stated by the customer. In case of discrepancies, they are summarized in a separate report with all recommendations for treatment on a case-by-case basis by the customer.

Payroll Review

The purpose of the payroll review work is to validate the customer’s payroll calculation methodology, parameterizations in the system and the procedures to meet accessory obligations to which the customer is subject. Legal compliance issues regarding the employment and dismissal procedures and the documents required to formalize the employment relationship with the customer’s employees are also validated.

Recovery of tax credits

We examine the customer’s tax assessment with the purpose of detect excess or undue tax collections that may have been carried out by the customer, or even the existence of tax benefits that have not been considered in the process of monthly tax assessment. We can go back up to 05 years in relation to the current year to examine such credits. Our team also conducts the entire accessory obligation adjustment process, PER/DECOMPs to formalize the use and offset of such credits with the Tax Administration.

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Drummond gathers in one company tax, legal, accounting and migration services