Annual Report guarantees registry of US companies

Companies registered in the United States must submit their Annual Report to maintain their registry active and to update the company’s data, avoiding fines and more severe penalties. The report must be submitted to the state government where the company is registered. In […]

How to Renew your Green Card

The process to renew your Permanent Resident Card is done within 6 months of the expiration of the card. The Green Card renewal is done through form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. If the purpose of the application […]

K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa

The K-1 visa is a Nonimmigrant Visa intended for the Foreign National fiancé(e) to enter the United States and marry the U.S. Petitioner within 90 days of his/her arrival. This process is done through the form I-129F, Petition for Alien […]

Startups turn their gaze to new market

Due to the lack of opportunities for access to credit in large banks, Brazilian startups are turning their gaze to the corporate debt market. One example is the issuance of certificates of agribusiness and real estate receivables (CRIs and CRAs). […]

EXPATRIATION: Labor and Immigration Aspects

With global economies widely connected, Brazilian companies have been facing the difficulty in understanding, planning and establishing procedures for the expatriation of associates, whether due to the complexity of labor legislation on the topic, or due to the costs involved […]

Compliance in expatriation

With globalization, Brazilian companies are increasingly transferring their associates to affiliated companies abroad. In this sense, the expatriation procedure of Brazilian workers has also been gaining space in companies and is still a process that raises many doubts to HR […]

Current Outlook on US cryptocurrency taxation

Currently, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not have an internal policy on the taxation of all cryptocurrencies per se, but rather on the so-called virtual currencies, which, according to the definition of IRS itself, are any representation of a […]

Labor Issues at The Federal Supreme Court

In August 2021, the Supreme Federal Court brought many expectancies regarding their judgment on labor matters in the Court. Issues such as the ultra-activity of collective regulations and the validity of a collective regulation that limits or restricts workers’ rights […]

Courts authorizes ISS payment requests

Some companies have succeeded in getting permission from the courts to collect a fixed amount of ISS, through a professional society, which are formed by a group of professionals who share a common function. According to Decree Law No. 406, […]

LGPD: Duration of penalties

Last August 1, 2021, the provisions of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) on administrative penalties, which are applicable to data processing agents who commit violations of the rules provided for in the Law, entered into force. However, despite being […]

Text on profit taxation will be analysed by CARF

The Administrative Council of Tax Resources (Carf) will receive 45 texts for analysis in August. Among these, two summary proposals stand out, the first being on the taxation of profits in Brazil, despite the existence of an international treaty that […]

Agricultural Production grew by 10.9% in May

The Brazilian Industrial Production Index grew by 10.9% in May compared to the same month in 2020. It was a significant growth that made the index return to pre-pandemic levels. The data is calculated by the Agribusiness Studies Center of […]


By Julia Alves e Louanni Cesário The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the immigrant visa and nonimmigrant visa issuances to meaningfully drop.  Immigrant and nonimmigrant Visa Backlog  The suspension of routine visa services and COVID-19 travel bans reduced immigrant visa issuances […]

The USA allows the entry of new visa categories

On the 27th of May 2021, the US State Department increased the list of National Interest Exception (NIE), allowing the entry of more categories of foreigners. The new determination extends the exception to foreigners with valid visas who qualify for […]

Taxation of income from Trusts abroad

By Adriana Lemos and Flavia Sobral The federal court of Sao Paulo, with a judgment rendered on December 18, 2020, decided that the beneficiaries must pay Income Tax (“IRPF”) on income originating from Trust abroad. A Trust is a legal […]

Drummond on America News program

Bruno Drummond, partner and founder of Drummond Advisors, gave an interview on income tax in the US for the journalist Mila Burns. The chat was featured on the America News program, on Globo Internacional channel, last Saturday (03/13).Check out the […]

Serie LLC: ¿es la opción correcta para su empresa?

Ventajas y desventajas de la Serie LLC [Spanish version] Artículo publicado en The balance small business POR JEAN MURRAY La serie LLC (series limited liability company o serie de compañías de responsabilidad limitada) es un concepto relativamente nuevo en el […]

Series LLC: Is it Right for Your Business?

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Series LLC Article published at The balance small business POR JEAN MURRAY The series LLC is a relatively new concept in business ownership, but the concept of multiple LLCs under one umbrella LLC has been around […]

PPP Loan 2: what you need to know

The United States Department of the Treasury reopened the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) following new guidelines for the forgiviness small business loan program. Are you an entrepreneur in the US and have questions about it? Watch the video, presented by […]

What To Expect From Joe Biden’s Immigration Plan: Series

In his recent statements, the president Joe Biden has pledged to use the executive powers to reverse many of Trump’s most controversial Immigration actions. Pedro Drummond, partner at Drummond Advisors, and Louanni Cesario, Senior Associate from the Drummond’s Business Immigration […]

FATCA: Implications of banks in the USA

What are the implications for Brazilian banks in the USA? Watch the video and understand everything about FATCA ( Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and the impacts for Brazilian banks entering the North American market. Also learn which are the […]

Joe Biden Tax Plan: what is important to know

After the unfolding of the vote counting in the last American presidential elections, it appears that Joe Biden will start his term as President of the United States in January 2021. In this context, the country’s tax system is likely […]

Legal Framework for Startups goes to vote in Congress

By Fernanda Marques Presented by the Executive Branch on October 20, for approval by the Chamber of Deputies, the Complementary Bill 249/2020 (PL 249/20) establishes the legal framework for startups and innovative entrepreneurship in Brazil. PL 249/20 establishes principles and […]

Drummond on America News program

Do you want to know more about the challenges faced by Brazilians who decided to invest in their own company in the USA? Follow the report of the America News! Louanni Cesario, our senior lawyer responsible for the Business Immigration […]

Get ready for the new accounting rule

Drummond Advisors’ Tax Department has gathered information on the main tax measures published in recent weeks in Brazil that may affect you and your company. Check out: 1- Changes to the Foreign Trade Declaration – Siscoserv The deadlines for submitting […]

Tax aspects of cost-sharing agreements

By: Fernanda Marques On January 31, 2020, ruling n. 1401-004.049, of the 1st Judgment Section, of the 4th Chamber and 1st Ordinary Panel of the Administrative Council for Tax Appeals (CARF), was published, determining the incidence of withholding income tax […]

New Brazilian Franchise Law

Alissa Campos On December 26, 2019, a new franchise law was sanctioned in Brazil. Law no. 13.966 — which can be consulted in its Portuguese version here  — seeks to bring more clarity and security to the relation between the […]

EB-5 now 80% more expensive for investors

For a long time, we’ve been hearing talks about a possible change in the rules to apply to EB-5, as it allows for the possibility of obtaining the Green Card many people dream about. After years of the program’s existence, […]

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