Annual Report guarantees registry of US companies

Companies registered in the United States must submit their Annual Report to maintain their registry active and to update the company’s data, avoiding fines and more severe penalties. The report must be submitted to the state government where the company is registered. In […]

Apostilamento: o que é e quem deve fazê-lo

Quem tem negócios com um pé no Brasil e outro nos Estados Unidos já deve estar acostumado a providenciar documentações, comprovantes e declarações sempre em dose dupla: uma válida para cada país. E o que fazer quando o mesmo documento […]

Deadline for submitting form 1042 ends in March

Does your company in the USA do business with foreigners? Stay tuned! Any individual or legal resident of the United States who makes payments to foreign individuals or entities is subject to taxation exclusively at the source. To keep up with the American […]

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