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Drummond Advisors was born with the mission of meeting the needs of companies operating in Brazil and in the United States, building bridges that connect entrepreneurs to new markets, new business partners, new collaborators and new investors abroad.

Drummond believes that opening a company in another country is not enough: you need to internationalize your business, which goes far beyond establishing the legal entity in a new territory. To take this important step in the history of your company with confidence and security, it is necessary to do it in a planned way, understanding the impacts of the operation and mitigating the accounting, legal and tax risks.

Founded in Boston (USA) in 2010, Drummond brings together in a single company tax, legal, accounting, and immigration services. This is only possible because we have a multidisciplinary team, with global experience and certified to work in both countries. The diversity and qualification of these professionals allows Drummond to have a broad and complete view of the challenges involved in international transactions, including the conversion of accounting standards (USGAAP vs. IFRS vs. BRGAAP), tax planning, international contracts, obtaining specific visas for investors, trademark registration, and much more.

Our team is located in Boston, Miami, New York, Orlando, Belo Horizonte, and São Paulo, allowing on-siteservice for your customers and partners. We are also available 100% on-line, allowing flexibility in our services and remotely performing all the necessary processes to reach your goals with more comfort and agility.

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Drummond Advisors: 10 years of experience

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What do our customers say?

Having someone you trust in conducting a visa or green card process makes all the difference. The methodology applied by Drummond in our immigration project worked very well, the company cares effectively with the client, understanding that the visa or green card process involves a whole life planning and a huge impact on the client's family.
Rafael Zenke
Partner and General Director of Las Pastas de Vigo Restaurant (RJ)
Drummond was the right choice for the conduction of my visa process. Besides the whole team being very competent technically, they always treated me in a very professional, human and caring way. It was really a very emotional moment for me and I realized that it was also for the whole team, they were thrilled with me and for me!
Leila Velez
Founder of Beleza Natural and Curl Lab
Drummond's legal services made all the difference in my visa and green card process to the United States. You need to think about your family, your business, there are many things involved. And Drummond's team always had this personal look at us, a look close to the client, who also understands these aspects beyond the business. It was a rewarding experience, I became, more than a client, a friend.
Paulo Borba
Founder and Managing Director da Borba & Lewis Consulting
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