Serie LLC: ¿es la opción correcta para su empresa?

Ventajas y desventajas de la Serie LLC [Spanish version] Artículo publicado en The balance small business POR JEAN MURRAY La serie LLC (series limited liability company o serie de compañías de responsabilidad limitada) es un concepto relativamente nuevo en el […]

What To Expect From Joe Biden’s Immigration Plan: Series

In his recent statements, the president Joe Biden has pledged to use the executive powers to reverse many of Trump’s most controversial Immigration actions. Pedro Drummond, partner at Drummond Advisors, and Louanni Cesario, Senior Associate from the Drummond’s Business Immigration […]

FATCA: Implications of banks in the USA

What are the implications for Brazilian banks in the USA? Watch the video and understand everything about FATCA ( Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and the impacts for Brazilian banks entering the North American market. Also learn which are the […]

Joe Biden Tax Plan: what is important to know

After the unfolding of the vote counting in the last American presidential elections, it appears that Joe Biden will start his term as President of the United States in January 2021. In this context, the country’s tax system is likely […]