By Julia Alves e Louanni Cesário The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the immigrant visa and nonimmigrant visa issuances to meaningfully drop.  Immigrant and nonimmigrant Visa Backlog  The suspension of routine visa services and COVID-19 travel bans reduced immigrant visa issuances […]

Series LLC: Is it Right for Your Business?

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Series LLC Article published at The balance small business POR JEAN MURRAY The series LLC is a relatively new concept in business ownership, but the concept of multiple LLCs under one umbrella LLC has been around […]

What To Expect From Joe Biden’s Immigration Plan: Series

In his recent statements, the president Joe Biden has pledged to use the executive powers to reverse many of Trump’s most controversial Immigration actions. Pedro Drummond, partner at Drummond Advisors, and Louanni Cesario, Senior Associate from the Drummond’s Business Immigration […]