Digital Nomads: Italy launches Visa for Remote Workers

Italy has just joined Portugal, Spain, Croatia and several other European countries that have launched a specific visa for remote workers, the so-called digital nomads.

In the case of Belpaese, the new migratory modality has just come into force, after being published by the government last week. This visa is dedicated to foreigners who do not have citizenship of a European Union (EU) country or Switzerland, and who have professional qualifications and/or specialization.

In order to meet the visa requirements, immigrants must work 100% remotely for employers who are not based in Italy, whether they are employees of a company or self-employed. It is important to note that the digital nomad visa lasts for one year, with the possibility of renewal, and allows the immigrant to take family members as dependents.

Image: Canva

Among the various requirements for the visa are: minimum earnings of €28,000 or $30,400 per year; health insurance for the duration of the visa; proof of accommodation in Italy (rental contract, invitation letter, etc.) and also evidence that the applicant has been working remotely for at least six months.

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Written by Eduardo Giugliano, Immigration Attorney at Drummond Advisors

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