Google’s antitrust trial begins in the United States

The Department of Justice’s antitrust case against Google began on September 12, 2023 in the United States, marking the start of a trial that could transform the technology landscape. The dispute revolves around Google’s search practices. The Department of Justice claims that the company has violated antitrust laws by maintaining its supremacy in search, while Google argues that its leadership is natural, offering a superior product to consumers.

The case was launched in 2020 after an investigation lasting more than a year. The government accuses Google of using anti-competitive means and abusing its dominance in online search, allegedly harming competition through agreements with mobile operators and smartphone manufacturers that made Google Search the default or exclusive option in products used by millions of consumers. The complaints were eventually consolidated into a single case.

Image: Canva

Google maintains that its competition is based on merit, arguing that consumers choose its tools because of their superiority, not because of illegal practices to restrict competition.

The trial, which will be decided by Judge Amit Mehta, could result in heavy fines or even an order to sell off parts of its business. If the Justice Department wins, Google’s digital future could be profoundly impacted.

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