STF considers collection of contributions to unions valid

In a judgment concluded on 09/11/2023, the Federal Supreme Court considered the collection of the so-called assistance contribution valid. This contribution is intended to fund activities such as collective negotiations for collective work agreements.

In the decision, the STF makes it clear that the decision does not represent the return of the union tax,  which was changed by the labor reform in 2017.

Image: Canva

With the STF’s decision, the assistance contribution will now be charged to all workers, whether or not they are members of the union. However, for those who are not members of the union, the discount can only be made if:

  • The payment is agreed in an agreement or collective convention of the category;
  • If unaffiliated workers give express authorization for the discount, or do not present opposition within the period defined in collective bargaining;

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Written by Daniel Rangel, Associate at Drummond Advisors

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