“Grandchildren’s Law” makes it easier to obtain Spanish Citizenship

The Democratic Memorial Law, also known as the ” Grandchildren’s Law”, is a new Spanish legislation that facilitates the access to recognize the Spanish citizenship for a certain period, which ends on 10/21/2024 (with the possibility of extension until 10/21/2025).

The current Spanish Citizenship Law, enforced since 2007, only allowed the sons and daughters of Spaniards, as well as grandchildren below 18 years old, to apply for recognition of Spanish citizenship, which made it impossible for grandchildren who were of legal age, or with deceased parents who had not become Spaniards, to have their own Spanish citizenship recognized.

With the Democratic Memorial Law, named so because it aims to benefit relatives of victims of the Spanish Civil War and the Francoist Dictatorship, grandchildren of legal age are now allowed to have their citizenship recognized, even if their parents, already deceased, have not obtained such recognition. In this way, thousands of grandchildren of Spaniards, now have the possibility of recognition of citizenship.

Image: Canva

Nevertheless, the Law provides for another important benefit: If any person has citizenship recognized by this Law, their adult children may also apply for recognition of citizenship, which also allows thousands of Spaniards descendants be recognized as Spanish citizens.

Finally, another important change is that the Law now allows the children of Spanish women who married before 08/29/1978 to obtain recognition of citizenship, which was not allowed previously. This is because before this date, Spanish women who married foreigners lost their nationality, preventing them from passing it on to their children. In this sense, many children of Spanish women will also be able to apply for citizenship.

But beware: the deadline for applications for recognition to be made is October 21st, 2024. Are you interested in recognizing your Spanish Citizenship and enjoying the benefits of a European Passport? Contact our Global Mobility team at Drummond Advisors!

Written by Eduardo Giugliano, Associate at Drummond Advisors

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