Companies have 60 days to negotiate the Nursing Wage Floor

On July 12, 2023, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) published the judgment minutes that determined a period of 60 days  for union negotiations to take place on the nursing wage floor.

In accordance with the decision, the implementation of the national wage floor for the private sector must be preceded by collective bargaining with the Union  and, in the absence of an agreement, the legal wage value will prevail after the specified period, counted from the date of publication of the minutes of judgment. Therefore, if there is no agreement, the legal wage value will prevail, which is: BRL 4,750.00  for nursing professionals; BRL 3,325.00  for nursing technicians and BRL 2,375.00  for assistants and midwives.

It is worth mentioning that, if no collective agreement is signed, the wage floor must be met as a base salary, not including benefits such as food vouchers or meal vouchers, among others, to reach the amount defined as a floor.

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  • When does the decision take effect?
    • The wage floor is valid immediately, from the publication of the judgment minutes on 07/12/2023.
  • Is supplementary financial assistance an allowance or does it consider as salary?
    • The salary nature of such assistance is not clear, and it may be a subject negotiated with the Union.
  • Is there a difference between private and public initiative?
    • Yes, for the private sector, the implementation of the minimum wage must be preceded by collective bargaining between the company and the union.

Written by Júlia Soares and Daniel Rangel

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