IRS reminds taxpayers living and working outside the US about the June 15th tax deadline

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is reminding US taxpayers living outside the US territory to be aware of the June 15th deadline: this is the due date for filing the 2022 federal income tax return.

This deadline applies to all taxpayers who have their residence outside the United States or Puerto Rico, as well as those serving in the military outside the country on the regular due date of the return. According to the agency, eligible individuals must submit a return indicating which of the two situations applies to them.

Filing the return is necessary to claim certain tax benefits, such as the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and the Foreign Tax Credit, for example.

The federal law also requires US citizens and resident aliens to report their worldwide income, including income from foreign bank accounts and securities, on their return. To do so, it is necessary to fill out and attach specific forms, such as Schedule B and Form 8938.

There is also a requirement to report information about foreign accounts through Form 114 (FBAR). Taxpayers must report both income received and deductible expenses in US dollars and make tax payments in the same currency. The IRS encourages the use of electronic methods for tax obligations payment.

Those who renounced US citizenship or ceased to be lawful permanent residents during 2022 must file a dual-status nonresident tax return and attach Form 8854.

Taxpayers who are unable to meet the June 15th deadline can request an automatic six-month extension by filing Form 4868. Military members serving overseas or in a combat zone may qualify for an additional extension of at least 180 days.


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Written by Aline Ribeiro, Senior Communications Consultant

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