Brazil will request Visitor Visa for U.S., Canada, Japan and Australia Citizens

On May 2nd, the Brazilian Government has officially published on its Official Gazzette that from October 1st, 2023, passport holders from the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia will need a visitor visa to enter in Brazil on visitor purposes (tourism or business). In 2019, the visa exemption entered into force in a decision of the former government, and the nationals from abovementioned countries had become visa waivers to enter Brazil as visitors, thus being permitted to stay in Brazil up to 90 days.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brazil (known as Itamaraty) has communicated that the principle of reciprocity is a key role in Brazilian diplomacy history, and since Brazilian nationals are required to present a valid visitor visa to travelling to these four countries, the resume of this requirement has been decided by the new administration.

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The visitor visa requirement for American, Canadian, Japanese, and Australian nationals will be in force starting on October 1st, 2023, and the administrative and diplomatic procedures are already being implemented.

In this scenario, it will be extremely important that nationals of these four (4) countries that are planning or have already scheduled a trip to Brazil, seek for properly guidance and advisory for the visa issuance process, seeking to avoid any issues before immigration authorities.

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Written by Victoria Vonno

Reference: NOTA À IMPRENSA Nº 96 – Vistos de visita para cidadãos de Austrália, Canadá, Estados Unidos e Japão

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