IRS discloses ‘Dirty Dozen’ list of 2023 and warns for caution with scams and schemes

IRS disclosed its “Dirty Dozen” list for 2023, highlighting the 12 most common tax schemes and frauds that taxpayers should be aware of. Even after the end of tax season, it is important to be aware of these risks. Taxpayers need to protect their personal and financial data.

The 12 items of “Dirty Dozen” list:

  1. Phishing: Scam emails and websites that forge legitimate companies to collect personal and financial information.
  2. Representation: Phone calls of impostors that impersonate IRS employees or employees of other governmental agencies.
  3. Fake charity institutions: Frauds involving fake charity institutions or institutions without registration.
  4. Social media scams: Frauds where personal information available at social media are used to ask for money.
  5. Tax preparers fraud: Dishonest or not licensed tax preparers who make promises of huge reimbursements.
  6. Ransomware: Malware that blocks data access of a computer until a ransom is paid.
  7. Fake charity institutions in disaster situations: Frauds involving fake charity institutions that affirm to help victims of natural disasters.
  8. Stolen identity: Stolen identity through improper use of personal information.
  9. Refund preparers fraud: Tax prepares that falsify information to increase reimbursement or to reduce the amount due.
  10. Claim for excessive reimbursement: Fake claims for excessive reimbursement:
  11. Fake payments with reimbursement requirements: Scams where scammers send fake paychecks and then require for the taxpayer to return part of the money.
  12. Abusive tax haven: Illegal schemes that promise huge tax savings.
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Taxpayers should be on the lookout for these frauds and schemes, as well as for any suspicious behavior that may be related to their financial and tax information.

It is important to regularly check your back account and credit card information and to monitor the improper use of your identity.

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Source: IRS

Written by Marcos Ferreira, Content Assistant to Drummond Advisors Stay on top of the subject: Tax Season: what you should considering when preparing your income tax return in the USA in 2023

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