Vacancies overcome number of applicants in some work areas in the United States

The United States work market is booming! This is what a recent survey disclosed by LinkedIn points out. At present, the country workforce has relied on at least three million people since the beginning of the pandemic – the lack of labor within the pandemic most critical period implied in an uneven recovery in company staff. That means that several companies have searched for new employees to fill in those gaps that have been opened within the last three years.

According to LinkedIn data, the USA work markets include currently the three following categories:

  • Industries which work market is a somehow stationary: Government administration, education and consumerism servicesIn these industries, there is an excess of people looking for a job compared to available vacancy number. The workers need to apply to a large number of vacancies before they can be employed. On the other hand, companies managed to hire and did not have to raise wages.
  • Companies with slightly limited market: Providers of entertainment, technology and information, media, professional services (including accounting and consulting firms), real estate, retail and financial services. In this field, whoever is looking for a job finds more opportunities than before the pandemic, and the employers are feeling pressed to increase employee hiring and retention efforts.
  • Companies with several market opportunities and decreased labor offer: hotels, oil and gas, hospitals and health. The employers are facing an increasing service demand and cannot fill in the vacancies fast enough. The number of open vacancies has overcome applicants.

The current United States booming market background was already a reality at Drummond Advisors even before the end of the pandemic. Between 2020 and 2022, the company doubled its size, from 90 employees in early 2020, to a current team with more than 200 employees widespread worldwide.

These numbers reflect Drummond´s expansion, as it has always been aware of market innovations, it offers increasingly more accounting solutions and customized legal services for customers that are aiming at internationalization. The expectation is keeping the same growth pace in 2023.

Another Drummond feature, which was standard practice at the company even before the quarantine and enabled staff fast growth, is remote work with flexible working hours.

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Written by Aline Ribeiro, Senior Communications Consultant

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