Brazilians now have automatic residence authorization in Portugal

On March 1, 2023, Ordinance 97/2023, of February 28, entered into force. This aimed to comply with the agreement of the 2021 meeting of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP), endorsed by the Portuguese Assembly.

From now on, nationals of CPLP countries, which is composed of Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe and East Timor, enjoy a privilege regarding the residence permit in Portugal, leading to a faster and cheaper process.

According to the new legislation, the request can be made online on the website of the Service of Foreigners and Borders (SEF), which will generate a digital certificate of the residence permit, being only the cost of issuance charged and there being exemption from other fees.

With the granting of the automatic residence permit, it will no longer be necessary the process of expression of interest with the SEF, which currently has a period of up to 2 (two) years to schedule an interview with interested parties.

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Considering that Ordinance 97/2023 is already in force, all Brazilians who have entered legally in Portugal (including those waiting for the SEF interview), will benefit from the possibility of issuing the residence permit online, without the need to wait for above-mentioned interview with SEF.

In this sense, CPLP nationals who are already in Portugal or intend to go there, will be able to carry out a wide range of activities with a lawful stay, since they will have the possibility to apply for and obtain the residence permit quickly after legally entering in the country. Among several activities, with the residence permit CPLP nationals have permission to study, work, rent real estate, etc.

The residence permit will be valid for one (1) year, and in the coming months rules regarding an eventual renewal are expected to be published.

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Reference: Ordinance No. 97/2023, of February 28

Written by Eduardo Giugliano and Ana Gabriela Francelli

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