Unemployment compensation already has new value from this month

The adjustment of the national minimum wage to R$ 1,302.00 will also increase the value of the unemployment compensation benefit. The value to be paid for the benefit is computed in accordance with the mean salary received in the last three months worked. In 2023, the minimum value to be paid will be R$ 1,302.00 and the maximum value will be R$ 2,230.97.

Shown below is the amount to be paid according to each salary range.

Salary rangesValue
Up to R$ 1,968.36Multiply the mean salary by 0.8 (80%)
From R$ 1,968.37 to R$ 3,280.93For excess values above R$ 1,968.37, multiply by 0.5 (50%) and add R$ 1,574.69.
Above R$ 3,280.93The value is fixed in R$ 2,230.97

To following requirements shall be met to be entitled to receive the unemployment compensation:

  • Have been dismissed without cause;
  • Be unemployed upon the application for the benefit;
  • Do not have any other income source;
  • Do not receive any Social Security (INSS) benefit, except allowance for accident and surviving spouse pension;
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For each application, the worker must have worked for a given time period, as follows:

1st application: at least twelve months within the last 18 (eighteen) months before the dismissal date;

2nd application: at least nine months within the last 12 (twelve) months before the dismissal date;

3rd application and beyond: six months before the dismissal date.

To apply for the benefit, it is possible to go to the Regional Superintendencies of Labor and Employment (SRTE), or visit the Gov.br portal, or run the application Carteira de Trabalho Digital, which is currently the most used option.

The benefit will be automatically deposited for withdrawal in the bank account informed in the application. The credit to other financial institutions will occur via Electronic Fund Transfer (TED). In case no bank account has been indicated for credit in the application, a bank account in Caixa Econômica Federal will be automatically selected, provided that it is individual, regardless prior approval.

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Written by Murilo Fontoura, Personnel Department Supervisor at Drummond Advisors

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