Data from labor processes will have to be entered in eSocial

As of January 16, 2023, companies will have to enter in the eSocial system information on processes in which there is a final conviction by the Labor Court, in addition to agreements signed with former employees.

According to the rules defined by the manual of the new version of eSocial (Version S-1.1) processes and agreements concluded from January 01, 2023 must be registered.

Image: Canva

Companies must inform the period in which the employee worked in the company, monthly remuneration, requests of the process and what the sentence or judicial agreement says. All this data must be provided by the 15th day of the month following the approved decision or agreement.

Compliance with obligations before eSocial is mandatory and for the company that does not comply with the determinations, it will be subject to a fine that can reach the amount of R$ 42,564.00 and double, in case of recurrence.

In addition to this change, further changes are planned for eSocial for the year 2023.

Written by Júlia Soares and Daniel Rangel

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