Drummond Advisors Join Positive Women

Always active in initiatives aimed at promoting gender equity, Drummond Advisors joined the Positive Women (Mulheres Positivas) project. The international consultancy is now part of the group of 100 large companies that are part of this movement that makes a difference in the lives of Brazilian professionals across the country.

Founded in 2010 by businesswoman Fabi Saad, Positive Women is a platform that supports women’s personal and professional development, with more than 80,000 jobs and more than 200 courses available. The application can be downloaded for free from the App Store (IOS) and Google Play (Android). 

The project also has an intercompany mentoring program, which is now in its third wave. The focus of the action is to promote the career development of women working in participating companies.

It is expected that around 100 mentors and 100 mentees will participate in mentoring sessions in which professionals from one company will be guided by leaders from another. In total, 149 women were mentored in the previous classes.

“It has been an incredible opportunity and an honor to contribute to the Positive Women Project, not only with the dissemination of job opportunities but also with the Intercompany Mentoring project.

Leveraging our talents by exposing them to mentorship from managers from other organizations is a very rich opportunity for exchanges and learning and it is also extremely gratifying to know that our managers have accepted to mentor other women, our culture can only win!”, Roberta Salvador comments, People Analyst and responsible for the Human and Organizational Development area at Drummond Advisors.
“This is the spirit of Shakti leadership, the woman who contributes and manages for matriarchal leadership, equity and opportunities, Drummond’s managers already have this in essence and certainly the exchange with other companies will only add to it! “, Roberta concludes.

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