Bill under analysis at the Brazilian House of Representatives may force companies to disclose the salary range of new hires

A bill is under discussion at the Brazilian House of Representatives that forces companies to inform the salary range and the necessary requirements for filling job vacancies.

The proposal concerns Bill 1,149/22, created by representative Alexandre Frota (PSDB-SP) and is being prosecuted in its latter stages at the House.

The salary range information and job requirements as established in the proposal must be complied with by public, private and professional employment transition companies, and also according to the wording of the bill, companies that fail to comply with such a requirement may be fined in the amount of five minimum wages.

“Companies seek professionals to fill available job vacancies, but they do not say the salary range, producing insecurity for unemployed people, that is, there is doubt as to whether the salary is compatible with what is their intention when seeking their employment transition in the market”, said the representative.


The Bill in question proceeds for analysis by the respective House Commissions:

•             Work, Administration and Public Service Commission;

•             Constitution, Justice and Citizenship Commission.

It should be recalled that, as it is being prosecuted in its latter stages, the bill can be approved with no need to go through a vote in the Plenary of the House if there are no changes to its text.

Thus, after possible approval at the House, the text goes on to be analyzed by the senators at the Brazilian Federal Senate.

Drummond Advisors is following this issue and, as soon as an update on this bill is announced, we will get back to you with more information.

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