Drummond Advisors announces acquisition of NS Consulting

Acquisition seeks to strengthen the presence of the company in the offshore and real estate investment markets

Drummond Advisors, an internationalization advisory firm with more than 10 years of operation in the global business market, announced the acquisition of NS Consulting, a company specialized in services such as real estate, compliance, record and structuring for clients in Brazil and the United States.

The whole operation of NS Consulting, including its more than 300 clients, will be incorporated by Drummond Advisors in a process expected to last a couple of years.

“We are looking forward to this merge; it will provide our clients with competent advisory in all tax and accounting areas, both in the United States and in Brazil,” said Nelson Slosbergas, a partner of NS Consulting and a lawyer with more than 36 years of experience in real estate and corporate transactional work.

One of the individuals in charge of the negotiation, Michel de Amorim, a partner of Drummond Advisors, explained that the history and expertise of NS Consulting were crucial to making the acquisition decision.

“This new acquisition will strengthen our presence in the offshore and real estate investment markets,” Amorim said. “We are very happy and thankful for the over 30 years of experience earned by Dr. Nelson Slosbergas in this endeavor.”

The acquisition is part of Drummond’s growth strategy.

“The goal is to keep improving our business model, which is unique compared to the one usually seen in the market,” said Bruno Drummond, partner and founder of Drummond Advisors. “We work with the concept of ‘one-stop shop’ service, so client’s needs are met in only one place.”

Drummond Advisors has worked with more than 5,000 clients since 2010 and has a team with 200 collaborators distributed across Brazil and United States.

About Drummond Advisors
Drummond Advisors offers international advisory services to global companies, focusing on areas such as accounting, tax, legal and business development. Founded in Boston, the advisory firm expanded its presence to Miami; New York; Orlando, Florida; Sao Paulo; and Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The company has worked with more than 5,000 clients since 2010 and a multidisciplinary team of professionals with certifications, qualifications and experience in Brazil, United States and Canada.

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