Global Mobility: concept and frequently asked questions

In the scenario of recent years, the concepts of global mobility and expatriation have gained prominence and are increasingly in evidence.

With the world increasingly globalized, technology has shortened distances and fostered commercial relationships between individuals from different countries and continents.

This scenario is also present in the professional market, where talented professionals are transferred to different countries, requiring Global Mobility planning.

In this planning, important aspects such as expatriation, contracts, labor and social security consultancy, visas and tax planning are addressed.

What is Global Mobility?

By definition, global mobility is a function that refers to the ability of a multinational corporation to move its people to offices in different countries. It involves all actions for the smooth and painless relocation of a talent.

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What expatriation?

Expatriation is the process of international transfer of employees to a subsidiary of the contracting company.

Global Mobility – Frequently Asked Questions

In the process of transferring talented professionals, questions related to immigration, labor and tax issues are common.

To answer many of these questions, Drummond Advisors prepared a FAQ providing fundamental answers about Global Mobility. Access the FAQ at:

Written by Marcos Ferreira, Content Assistant at Drummond Advisors

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