Cryptoactives: Justice allows blocking of debtors

Some banks managed to block debtors’ crypto assets for loan repayment. According to the Federal Revenue, this market moved around R$ 200 billion in 2021. Decisions favorable to the banks were obtained in the Justice of São Paulo.

According to the Valor Econômico portal, the discussion arose because digital currencies are not regulated, being left out of the Judiciary Asset Search System (Sisbajud). On this platform it is possible to carry out online research and attachment.

The portal added that last year alone, R$ 656.4 billion were blocked through Sisbajud. Of this amount, R$18.9 billion was recovered through online pledges.

Bill to Regulate Crypto Operations Passes Senate

The Senate approved the Bill (PL) No. 3.825/2019 that regulates operations carried out with cryptocurrencies in Brazil. Now, the PL awaits a vote in the plenary of the Chamber, so that it can then be sent for presidential sanction and then it can come into force.

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Written by Marcos Ferreira, Content Assistant at Drummond Advisors

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