Brazilian can now apply for the Global Entry, a program that expedites entry into the USA

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See the step by step for the application below

On February 7th, the American government announced that Brazilians may use the “Global Entry” program, which expedites the process of entry into the United States. Learn more below:


  • The program expedites the process of entry into the United States, but it does not, however, exempt applicants from the issuance of visas. The Global Entry traveler checks in at electronic kiosks, and is exempted from the long line of in-person service.
  • The application for the Global Entry is not automatic, and is subject to a discretionary assessment by the American government. The approval may take up to two weeks.
  • The fee is 100 dollars and is non-refundable. 
  • Upon approval, the applicant must schedule an interview upon their first arrival at the USA at a global entry enrollment center available in airports. Attention: not all American airports have centers with interview scheduling and not all American airports have program kiosks.
  • Check here the list of airports that have interview centers and here the airports that have Global Entry kiosks.  [PD1] [PD2] 
  • Once authorized, the admission will be valid for five years.
  • If you obtain a new passport or new visa, you must notify Custom and Border Protection officials in-person at an interview center at the airport, for an update of your data.

  • Once approved for Global Entry, you may also apply for the TSA Precheck! The TSA Precheck expedites the security screening process in flights inside the USA.


1st      Access the TTP website, select the Global Entry program and create an account at Login.gov

To start the process, access the Trusted Traveler Program (https://ttp.cbp.dhs.gov/) website and select the Global Entry program.

You must create an account at Login.gov, which will be used to fill out and monitor the application.

2nd     After creating the account, fill out the application form with your personal information

You will need data from your passport, visa and other personal information, such as the last countries visited, residential addresses, among others.

3rd      Make the payment of 100 USD on debit, credit or an American bank account. Remember, the fee is non-refundable

4th      Monitor the process and wait the period for the response by American authorities

You will be directed to a confirmation screen as the one below and should wait for a response by American authorities:

Lastly, you can check the status of your request using the account created at Login.gov. Visit: https://secure.login.gov/?request_id=2c3c420c-823d-4c42-906e-4685250132d3