House of Representatives approves new rules on the work of pregnant women in the pandemic

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Last Thursday (02/16), the House approved a project that changes the rules on the work of pregnant women during the pandemic, which now provide for the return to on-site work following immunization. The proposal approved in the House will be submitted to presidential approval.

The proposal approved amends Law 14151/21, which entitled pregnant women to work remotely without prejudice to their remuneration, which caused a series of questions regarding the responsibility for the full payment of wages during the period of absence, in the event that remote work is not possible.

Now, according to the amendment approved in the House of Representatives, the absence shall only be ensured if the pregnant woman has not been fully immunized yet.

Therefore, except of the employer chooses to maintain the pregnant woman in remote work with full remuneration, the pregnant employee will go back to work in the following cases:

  • End of the state of emergency;
  • Upon full immunization;

If she refuses to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, signing a liability agreement.

Written by Daniel Rangel, at Labor Lawyer at Drummond advisors


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