The IRS announced the suspension of over a dozen notices

The IRS announced on Wednesday (9) the suspension of over a dozen notices, one of them sending automated collection notices typically issued when a taxpayer owes additional tax and the IRS has no record of the taxpayer filing a tax return.

According to the IR, these mailings include balance due notices and unfiled tax return notices. The IRS entered this filing season with several million original and amended returns filed by individuals and businesses that have not been processed due to challenges of the historic pandemic, and is taking this step to help avoid confusion for taxpayers and tax professionals.

The agency added that these automatic notices have been temporarily stopped until the backlog is resolved, and the IRS will continue to review the previous year’s inventory of returns to determine the appropriate time to resume notices.

Some taxpayers and tax professionals may still receive notices during the next few weeks, but in most cases, it is not necessary to respond to the notice as the IRS will continue to process the previous year’s tax returns. If the taxpayer or professional deems it necessary to respond, they can act to ensure the well-being of the taxpayer.

The IRS has advised that it does not have the authority to stop all notices, as many are mandatory within a certain time frame.

Find out which notices have been suspended by clicking the link:

Nearly 24 million taxpayers are waiting for their tax returns to be processed by the IRS

The number of taxpayers awaiting the processing of last year’s tax returns is almost 24 million, a much higher amount than previously reported (about 9 million).

The reasons for the accumulation of tax returns are: the closing of offices, reduction in the number of associates and absence of officers for pandemic-related health reasons.

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