Brazilians are now eligible for registering for Global Entry, the program that expedites entrance in the USA

See below what you need to know about the Global Entry

Since 2022 the American government announced that Brazilians can use the“Global Entry” program that expedites the process of entering the United States.


  • The program expedites the process of entering the United States but does not waive the issuance of visas. Global Entry travelers conduct their check in electronic kiosks and do not have to get in the long line for in-person check.
  • Brazilians bearing any American visa, visiting the USA may frequently register with the program.
  • Registration in the Global Entry is not automatic and is subject to a discretionary analysis by the US government. Approval may take up to 6 months.
  • The fee is US$ 100 and it is non-refundable.  
  • After approved, applicants shall schedule an interview upon their first arrival in the USA at a global application center available in airports in the USA.
  • Check  here the list of airports that have the interview centers and here airports with kiosks available for Global Entry.  
  • Once authorized, adhesion will be valid for five years.
  • You have to keep your visa and passport information up to date in the Custom and Border Protection system for keeping your adhesion valid and working.
  • Once approved for Global Entry, the foreign national who has a green card can also register with TSA Precheck! The TSA Precheck expedites the security process in domestic flights in the US.

Drummond assists Brazilians in the process of registering with the Global Entry program – click here to contact our professionals.

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