Federal Government reduces period of leave for worker with Covid

The Federal Government formalized this Tuesday (01/25/22) the reduction of the period of leave for workers due to contamination with the coronavirus.

From now on, the leave will last for 10 (ten) days from the first day of symptoms or when the worker takes the test. The period of absence may be reduced to 7 (seven) days, if the worker presents no fever for over 24 hours, without the use of medications and presents improvement of the respiratory symptoms.

The period of absence for workers who have been in contact with people infected has also been reduced. In this case, the worker must undergo a leave of 10 (ten) days.

According to Federal Government’s ordinances, workers over the age of 60 (sixty) years old, or who present conditions of risk of complications from Covid-19 must be given special care, and distance working may be adopted at the discretion of the employer.

It should be mentioned that periods of leave may vary according to medical recommendation.

Written by Daniel Rangel, Labor Lawyer at Drummond Advisors

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