Hybrid regime and return to the office: do you know how to prepare your company?

The return to face-to-face activities continues to generate numerous impacts on labor relations. A relevant aspect in this preparation is the hybrid regime, one in which the employee works partly in the office and partly at a distance.

Although companies are adopting the hybrid regime modality, it is important to highlight that there is no legal regulation for hybrid work, which brings the need for labor planning on the topic.

Do you know what measures your company should take for the hybrid regime?

In the work planning for the hybrid regime, companies must elaborate:

  • Internal policy with the definitions of the hybrid regime;
  • Amendments to the employment contract;

Moreover, negotiating with the union of employees to include clauses on the hybrid regime is recommended. This is because, since the Labor Reform (Law 13467/2017), the agreement made with the union has relevant normative power, that is, it is the skillful instrument to create rules applicable to employment relationships.

It is also important that the company clearly defines other issues applicable to the hybrid regime, such as: the concession of transportation allowance and reimbursement for expenses, clocking in system and whether the hybrid regime will be provisional or definitive.

Written by Daniel Rangel, Labor Lawyer at Drummond Advisors

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