Central Bank of Brazil to discuss investment in cryptoassets

The Central Bank (BC) intends to discuss the investment in cryptoassets over the following months, a topic that has been growing steadily in the Brazilian market.

Agência Brasil mentioned what the director of Monetary Policy of the BC, Bruno Serra, said regarding the accumulated flow in cryptoassets that reached approximately US$ 12 billion, and has been growing at almost US$ 800 million per month. He stated that “it is a very relevant flow, something that we are watching here, I believe that it is going to be an important discussion in the coming months”.

The article also reported that the investment in North-American shares by Brazilians reaches approximately US$ 16 billion.

Regarding investments in portfolio by foreigners in the country, the BC director mentioned that the flow has been positive during the year until August. Agência stressed that factors such as the adjustment of basic interest rates and the commodities cycle, which favors listed Brazilian companies, may have contributed to this movement. “The fact is that, for the first time in many years, we have foreigners here again”, mentioned the director.

How to invest in cryptocurrencies in Brazil?

There are several possibilities for Brazilians who wish to invest in cryptoassets. It is possible to invest through investment funds or investments through ETFs (Exchange Traded Fund), which are funds traded directly in the stock market, as done with shares. It is also possible to purchase the virtual currency, but this type of transaction requires a deeper knowledge of the market, since the price of cryptocurrencies is extremely volatile. Having the advice of professionals who understand the market at the time of investing is a good tip to manage and mitigate risks with this type of investment.

What is crypto mining?

It is the verification of operations registered in the blockchain. This process is carried out with high performance computers, since it involves complex mathematical situations that must be solved to provide the validation of verified data, maintenance and the expansion of the blockchain. ‘Miners’ who are able to solve this equation first receive cryptocurrencies as a reward.

Written by Marcos Ferreira, content assistant at Drummond Advisors

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