New Ordinance no. 658 of the Brazilian Government provides for international travel and entry into Brazil

On October 5, 2021, the Brazilian government published the new ordinance which establishes rules for the entry of travelers, Brazilians and foreigners, into national territory.

What are the updates?

• The restriction on entry of international flights originating from or passing through the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, South Africa and India has been abolished;

• The antigen type test starts being accepted for travelers, Brazilians and foreigners when embarking to Brazil. The antigen type test must be performed within 24 hours prior to embarking, and the RT-PCR performed within 72 hours before embarking, must state a negative or non-detectable result for Covid-19;

• As from November 1, 2021, the waterway transport of passengers, Brazilians and foreigners, exclusively in Brazilian jurisdictional waters, by maritime cruise vessels is authorized.

  • The conditions for embarking passengers on vessels located in Brazilian jurisdictional waters will be established in a specific proclamation by ANVISA and other competent authorities.

It is important to mention that the immigration authorities may stop travelers who do not comply with the requirements established in this ordinance of entering to Brazilian territory.

For more details in respect of the Ordinance, our visa team remain at your disposal.

Ordinance: DOU Ed. 189-C de 05/10/2021

Written by Ana Gabriela Francelli, Immigration Manager at Drummond Advisors, and Victoria Vono, Immigration Consultant at Drummond Advisors

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