Intermittent work contract: an alternative in times of pandemic

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With the Covid-19 Pandemic, various methods have been adopted in the real of labor in order to adapt working relationships to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

An older tool, created in the Labor Reform of 2017, may be one of the most important ones to face the current situation: the Intermittent Employment Contract.

The Intermettent Contract allows for the creating of an employment contract in which the company calls on the employee only according to his / her needs, with no labor obligations in the period in which there is no demand for work.

Thus, in addition to the existing measure such as contract amendment for home offices and comp time, the intermittent contract emerges as a contracting possibility which allows for quick adaptation to the sudden changes in demands and should be part of a company’s labor planning.

It is important to note that the creation of intermittent contracts requires fulfilliing specific legal requirements for its validity.

Daniel Rangel
Head of Labor Law