Learn about our new practice area: Labor Law

To keep up with the needs of our clients and to stay in line with the New Labor Law, Drummond Advisors now operates in the labor consultancy sector.

As a result of the 2017 labor reform, a new Labor Law emerged in Brazil, with a prevalence for more dynamic and modern negotiations between the parties. It is in this context that Drummond identified the need to give its clients a new vision of this sector of Law, with strong preventive action, through a specialized consultancy.

“It is surprising to see the new possibilities that companies have in the labor area, but they are still unaware of it,” says Pedro Drummond, partner at Drummond Legal. “The pandemic elevated these aspects and Drummond itself has sought specialized advice for our employees in Brazil. We found Daniel Rangel to be a competent professional to solve our questions and we saw that we should do the same for our customers ”, he points out.

Daniel Rangel, a lawyer specialized in Labor Law and responsible for the new area, emphasizes that “complex and previously very rigid areas, such as variable remuneration, outsourcing, remote work, illegal hirings, and collective bargaining have gained new contours and are open to innovations among employers and employed ”.

The new area was created with a focus on labor planning, conflict prevention, and efficiency gains for customers. In particular, issues related to the expatriation of employees, compensation via premiums and equity, transnational social security contributions, collective bargaining, and others.

Meet the person in charge of the area: Daniel Rangel is a lawyer with extensive experience in Labor Law, mainly in conducting labor planning, highly complex collective bargaining, and strategic management of conflict prevention.

He started his career as responsible for collective negotiations of the Minas Gerais Engineers Union. He has experience working with the Public Ministry of Labor, Regional Courts, and Superior Courts, providing assistance in conducting mediation and conciliation with large Brazilian companies, such as Vale, Usiminas, Gerdau, Mendes Júnior, Correios, CEMIG, GASMIG, among others.

Before joining Drummond, Daniel worked as a partner in a labor boutique office in Belo Horizonte, where he worked in several negotiations and conducted highly complex cases before the Superior Courts.

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