IMMIGRATION BRAZIL: Resident Permits for professional training in Brazilian companies

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By Aline Moreira

In this article, we will analyze the Normative Resolution No. 19/17, which oversees the granting of residence permits to foreigners who travel to Brazil to receive professional training with a Brazilian subsidiary, branch or headquarters.

The target of this Resolution are foreigners who work in companies of the same economic group abroad and travel to Brazil to receive training in activities aimed at the development of work skills. It is, therefore, a unique opportunity to put the employee into the local Brazilian organizational culture and to promote learning about company policies and practices.

Among other requirements, the application for a residence permit must contain proof of a professional link between the foreigner and the company abroad, as well as the existence of a link between the Brazilian company and the foreign company. In addition, it is necessary to present a training plan that justifies the need for foreigners in  Brazil and define the training structure to be applied.

Under no circumstances will the foreigner be able to receive remuneration in Brazil, and it must be shown to the authorities that it will come from a source abroad.

The length of said residence is up to 02 (two) non-renewable years.

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