Notarial bureaucratization: notary offices to perform digital authentication

By Fernanda Marques

Brazilian notary public’s offices will now offer a new digital authentication system for documents, through E-notary site ( Upon the receipt of the original document, the notaries can authenticate in PDF format, including an authentication stripe in blockchain format.

If the original document is physical, it must be delivered personally to the notary. If electronic, it can be sent digitally for authentication. According to the Colégio Notarial do Brasil, after being authenticated, the document can be shared electronically by digital platforms, including email and WhatsApp, with its legal security guaranteed.

This new development is a major advance and could facilitate interstate circulation of documents in the country, since the digital copy can be sent to different recipients. The measure, regulated by Provision nº 100/20 of the National Council of Justice (CNJ), accompanies the advances in bureaucracy and digitalization of services in Brazil, as an example, the implementation of digital systems of the Commercial Boards, which has facilitated Brazilian businessmen’s routine.

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