Interested in optimizing the financial processes and operations of your company? Now is the time!


Drummond Advisors is now a partner with NetSuite and is officially licensed to instal and manage NetSuite in Brazil and the United States.

Don’t know what NetSuite is?

NetSuite is a platform that offers tools to simplify global financial management, recommending the right software solution for your business, in a personalized way, which will help your company manage its growing financial demands and level up in all markets in which it operates!

NetSuite’s financial and accounting software helps leaders in the areas of planning, transformation and optimization of your processes and operations.

With NetSuite you can:

  • Have access to live financial data
  • Quickly search for solutions to solve delays
  • Generate statements and disclosures that meet various regulatory financial compliance requirements

And even have access to new resources such as:

  • Lease accounting
  • Bank transactions with automatic correspondence

All of this and much more with a multilingual user interface which facilitates communication and administration of the whole structure of your company.

Who is it for?

For companies of all sizes and markets.  NetSuite is a complete platform for large, medium and small companies in their various sectors, covering a wide range of businesses.

Interested? Send an e-mail to and we will get in touch!

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