Registration with garbage collection system is mandatory to all companies headquartered in São Paulo

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In accordance with Decree n. 58.701/2019 and Resolution 130/AMLURB/2019 of April 4, 2019, all companies based in São Paulo must register with the Waste Transport Control (Controle de Transporte de Resíduos – CTR-E).

CTR-E is a monitoring and traceability system created to register all private entities (transportation, handling, recycling or final destination) that are part of the urban cleaning system located in the city of São Paulo.

At first, according to Decree 58.701, the obligation reached all private entities that generate solid waste above 200L/day. However, Resolution N. 130/2019, through article 2, now requires registration with CTR-E for all companies that provide services in the process of transporting, handling, recycling or disposing solid waste located in São Paulo, including microentrepreneurs, as well as all companies headquartered outside the capital.

Based on the information provided, the system will classify the companies involved in the process as small or large generators. The technology allows the São Paulo City Hall,  by means of the Municipal Authority for Urban Cleaning (Autoridade Municipal de Limpeza Urbana AMLURB), to know how the waste is collected, transported and destinated. Therewith, improvements are expected in urban janitorial and public health, besides the saving of public resources.

The registration must be done until the October 31, 2019, online at www.amlurb.sp.gov.br.

To register, it is necessary to submit the following informations:

  • IPTU (property tax – see model below)
  • ID of the person responsible for the company
  • National Registry of Legal Entity number
  • Current energy bill

ATTENTION: The lack of required registration generates a fine of R$ 1,639.60 for the company.