Enrolling children in the US public school system with a tourist visa can cause problems

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Enrolling your children in a public school in the United States without them having the proper visa can bring serious consequences.

That’s right: attending a public school using only a tourist visa (B-1/B-2) can result in the cancellation of said visa, and it is extremely difficult to reverse this situation and get back to the United States as a visitor. Countries that share immigration information with the US can also make it difficult for these children to enter the United States afterwards.

This is because it is understood that public education in the United States is an investment made by legal residents of the United States, so they must be the beneficiaries of the country’s public educational system — not illegal foreign families in the United States.

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Also, be aware of sending children and adolescents to the United States to spend time in the home of family members legally living in the country: legal residents cannot be held responsible for minors’ enrollment in US public schools, even for a short period of time with the goal of “immersion” in language and culture.

There are many incidents of minors who were prevented from entering the country because they were suspected of commit fraud. In these cases, minors are taken to shelters and remain alone in these centers until they are deported.

Visa change

If you intend to enroll your children in a public school in the United States, obtain the appropriate visa as the first step of planning.