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In a market with increasingly fewer economic barriers, it is important to be in constant contact with specialized professionals who are in tune with world economic trends. In such a global market, it is vital to have qualified consultants certified in specific countries to help ensure proper international accounting, taxation and legal compliance, with security and excellence.


Enable and facilitate international transactions and guide companies to globalize themselves and their stakeholders.


Create a long lasting client relationship that enables all stakeholders to be successful on the global market.

How we operate

In order to deliver an exceptional level of high quality service, the consulting performed by Drummond Advisors presents a set of skills that differentiates us in the market, allowing greater efficiency, timeliness and promptness in service.

We mean to always work in partnership with our clients, ensuring their accounting, tax, legal and market needs are aligned to your goals, thus enabling sustainable financial decisions and successfully exits.

Our Team

Drummond Advisors has a multidisciplinary team with experience and certifications to operate in the United States and Brazil. Our team has accountants, lawyers, managers and consultants with experience in international business. The qualifications of these professionals enables Drummond to have a broad and complete overview of the challenges involved in international transactions, including those relating to accounting standards (US GAAP vs. IFRS-International Standards), tax, legal and market analysis.

Bruno Drummond

Bruno Drummond has expertise in Brazilian GAAP and US GAAP, IFRS to GAAP conversion, SEC reporting, due diligence, mergers & acquisitions, and the overall knowledge of the tax and financial regulatory environment in both jurisdictions, which comes from years of experience working in both Brazil and the US. A native of Belo Horizonte, Bruno studied Business Management, Finance, and Accounting at the Catholic University of Minas Gerais (PUC Minas), and subsequently pursued a career in public accounting.

Bruno Drummond also holds an undergraduate degree in finance, a Masters of Accounting, and is pursuing a Masters in Taxation from Suffolk University, in Boston, MA

Michel de Amorim

Michel de Amorim holds an executive master’s in taxation and is a licensed CPA in the states of Florida and New Hampshire. He is also a Chartered Global Management Accountant and a Certified Accountant in Brazil. Michel joined the Drummond team after working in Big 4 environment. After leaving the large corporate world, Michel specialized in international accounting and tax consulting for mid-size companies and startups.

As the leading partner at Drummond’s Miami and Orlando offices, Michel has held several executive roles at Drummond over the years, such as technical leadership in accounting practice, creation and development of the business plan department, manager of the financial team, in addition to being a founding partner of Drummond Ventures, the venture building arm of Drummond Advisors.

With more than 20 years of experience in the Brazilian and U.S. market, Michel has worked with clients in various industries such as technology, service, broadcasting, media and entertainment, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, airfreight and distribution.

Michel was a member of the board of directors of the Brazil-Florida Business Council during 2018 and 2020, and is an active member of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).

Pedro Drummond

Pedro Drummond is a dual licensed NY-Brazil attorney. He specializes in cross-border transactions involving Brazilian and U.S. clients, including international mergers and acquisitions, venture capital transactions, international contracts, business immigration and the legal aspects of establishing entities in Brazil and the US.

Pedro has had professional experience in both Brazilian and U.S. jurisdictions for more than a decade, advising clients on cross-border transactions.

Before forming Drummond law firms, Pedro was an associate at Skadden, Arps, one of the most prominent New York law firms, where he represented major Brazilian and American companies in mergers & acquisitions, IPOs and follow-ons.

At Drummond, Pedro focus his practice on corporate law, venture capital transactions, angel investments, tax and business immigration matters involving cross-border business expansion, having advised a range of clients in diverse segments, from large publicly-traded companies to mid-size enterprises and startups.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Banking and Financial Law from Boston University, where he was awarded the A. John Serino Award for the best overall performance in the Class of 2007.

In addition, Pedro serves as business advisor and angel investor for several companies, particularly those with international exposure.

Joice Izabel

Joice Izabel is an accountant specialized in tax management and a Master of Accounting from Suffolk University (Boston, USA). She has tax and accounting experience in the Brazilian and US scenario, advising clients on operations between the two countries.

She joined Drummond in 2015, assuming the leadership of the São Paulo office as a partner in the Brazilian operation.

At Drummond, Joice advises American companies that have subsidiaries in Brazil and Brazilian companies that operate in the American market, with expertise in international tax planning, income tax for companies and individuals, and international accounting USGAAP and IFRS, having assisted clients in various segments and sizes, from listed companies to startups and medium-sized companies.

Our accounting and tax services

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services in the United States and Brazil

Of Legal Entities



Projections &
cash flows

United States and Brazil

Our team of certified accountants in the United States and Brazil can assist your company with accounting, tax and financial reporting in both countries. Our team provides all the necessary internal information for better management of your business.

In addition to the monthly accounting packages, we also provide the following accounting services:

  • Consolidation of Legal Entities
  • Currency conversions
  • Account reconciliations
  • Projections and cash flows.


Does your company subsidiaries need to report to the United States or countries working with international standards? Work with experts on US GAAP and IFRS (international) standards. Drummond has certified professionals in the United States and Brazil who speak your language.


Whether for internal purposes or requirements for financial institutions or investors, well written financial statements can open many doors. However, with the burden of the tasks of everyday life or the lack of expertise, it is common that some accounting departments are unable to prepare quality financial statements on time.

Drummond Advisors has highly qualified bilingual accountants to prepare financial statements according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards International.


Going public on a stock exchange or “Initial Public Offering” ( IPO), may represent the highest point of market recognition of a company. It is a level that few companies can get to and yet certainly only prepared companies remain at this stage.

In recent years, Drummond ‘s team participated actively in multiple IPOs in the United States in various stages of the process from the preparation of technical materials supporting financial statement positions to the creation of the Form S1 required for public filings; we have done it all and have for years.

Our experience is not just limited to public companies in the United States. In Brazil, our professionals have experience with large public companies companies on the Stock Exchange of São Paulo (Bovespa).

CFO and Interim Controller

Currently, the global market requires high professional competence. Drummond’s expertise in interim services enables us to guide your company in the Brazilian and United States markets. Our professionals have experience in both countries, strong understanding of cultural differences and the ability to manage those differences through language, policies, and mentoring.

As financial controller of a Brazilian company in the United States, What would you do if a key member of his team to abandon its position without notice or succession planning? And if you also did not know the language or the culture of the employees of the subsidiary ?

Situations like this happen often in Brazil and the United States. With such high amounts at stake , it is important to always be protected to avoid possible mishaps like this.

The opening and consolidation of a company in foreign markets present considerable risks. The professionals at Drummond have international scope to act as directors and / or interim controller for a certain period, providing senior-level guidance at risk.

Our geographical presence allows us to train employees and employees of companies in Brazil and its subsidiaries in the United States, ensuring, thus, more effective transmission of ideas and the company’s business policies.

Tax services

A strong background in tax consulting combined with practice in multinational companies differentiates us from our competitors.

Our tax services include but are not limited to:

  • Mapping of operations and identification of tax savings opportunities and/or optimizing the tax burden on business
  • Tax Guidance on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and other corporate restructurings
  • Identification of the best form of shareholder remuneration
  • Guideline on transfer pricing plan based on the different methods allowed by regulations
  • Create Strategies in conjunction with the Treasury to reduce exposure case in countries with devaluation risk
  • Identification of initiatives to defer the recognition of profit subsidiary of Brazil in the United States (Sub Part F income)
  • Strategies for recovery and disposal of tax paid in Brazil that can be credits in the Unites States
  • Implementation of tax benefits, such as tax credits


Related party transactions are always on the radar of regulatory agencies in Brazil and the United States. Due to lack of a transfer pricing study or no prioritization of the issue, some companies and citizens have suffered from the penalties imposed by the Internal Revenue Service in Brazil and the United States.

Is your company fit in with the current regulation of transfer pricing?
What are the possible punishments ?
How to prevent issues from arising?

International Tax Planning

International operations are always subject to tax regulations. Issues such as transfer pricing, distribution of profits and capital gains interconnect in a complicated way that requires the work of experts.

At Drummond Advisors, international tax planning is performed by a multidisciplinary team . Accountants and lawyers licensed in the United States and Brazil always work together in order to serve the client.


The success of an international transaction is largely dependent on a well negotiated contract. Most of the time, companies in the United States do not accept having Brazilian law as applicable, which represents an enormous challenge for Brazilian companies.

The team at Drummond has licensed attorneys in the United States and Brazil, allowing the Brazilian client is well represented in the negotiation and closing of the contract. The experience of the team to identify and minimize the problems usually involved in these international agreements.


Visas and green card to the United States are increasingly desired by Brazilians. While there is the myth that it is extremely difficult to obtain, there are still several opportunities for Brazilians who want a permanent visa or green card . Having the correct advice and legitimate purposes by the individual , success is possible.

Usually the most sought after visas are L-1 (transfer executives and managers ), H1- B (skilled worker) and EB- 5 (investor). For citizens with dual citizenship (Italian, Spanish and German, for example), you can also apply for a visa E-2.

Consulting services

In Brazil is difficult to access credit and often the interest rates charged are exorbitant. Drummond Advisors, through its subsidiary Drummond Ventures, offers financing channels and leveraging of resources to be more competitive rates with financial groups consolidated on the international stage. With over 15 years of experience in national and international financial markets, our network of contacts with renowned financial institutions and investment funds, our team works with various stages of resource leveraging, either through loans or equity.


Yes, we can help with your business plans in the United States and Brazil. Our services include in indepth review of your specific market, opportunities for product monitization and assessment of internal infrastructure needs whether in the United States or Brazil.


We conduct research and feasibility studies to identify relevant information in a customized manner according to the specific needs of each client. Among the studies, it highlights industry research, business niches assessment, comparative analysis of regions, competitor analysis, determining the costs of implementation of new business, demand identification and customer profile.

Ventures services

Ventures Services is an affiliate of Drummond Advisors and responsible for M&A transactions, capital raising and Corporate Venture investments. We focus on crossborder investment transactions between Brazil and the US. Our offices are located in Silicon Valley, Boston, New York, Miami, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte. We conduct research and feasibility studies to identify relevant information in a customized manner according to the specific needs of each client. Among the studies, it highlights industry research, business niches assessment, comparative analysis of regions, competitor analysis, determining the costs of implementation of new business, demand identification and customer profile.

Press room

With strong involvement in the international market, and the expertise of a multidisciplinary team Drummond’s brand is featured and is evident in the major newspapers, magazines and news portals in Brazil.

To speak with Drummond’s press officers, send an e-mail to (info@drummondadvisors.com)

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