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For your company that plans to scale globally and have a goal on where you want to get to, but needs help on important topics such as putting together a business plan and transferring executives, we have the perfect solution.

Private Clients Real Estate /
Financial Holdings

To enable you to make financial or Real Estate/Real Estate investments – globally – and understand all tax and compliance implications in your tax residence, check out our solutions.


For growing startups that aim to raise
investments from foreign VC’s and need to
plan, execute and maintain the structure of
their investment vehicle, we have a suitable

Some of our clients

#GoGlobal Solutions


  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Accounting conversions IFRS vs. USGAAP vs. BRGAAP
  • Accounting consolidation of foreing subsidiaries
  • Pre-auditing services – Agreed upon procedures
  • Monthly accounting in Brazil and the USA
  • IPO preparedness in Brazil and the USA


  • Corporate restructuring and planningin Brazil and in the USA
  • Venture Capital Transactions
  • International agreements
  • Investment structuring
  • International mergers and acquisitions
  • Visas for the USA
  • Trademark Registration
  • Labor Law


  • International tax planning
  • Transfer price analysis
  • American and Brazilian taxation
  • Assessment on American tax incentives
  • Administrative defense
  • Legal and accounting due diligence


  • Accounting
  • Advisory
  • Tax
  • HR Services
  • Outsourced Financial Services – For Startups & Small Business

Why choose Drummond?


Enable and facilitate international transactions and guide companies to globalize themselves and their stakeholders.


Create a long lasting client relationship that enables all stakeholders to be successful on the global market.

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There are numerous benefits for international investors who invest in Brazil.  The country has a diversified and growing economy, offering unique opportunities in several sectors.  Let’s explore the main reasons

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