QuarenTEMA: initiative highlights the importance of self-care

Between the months of May and June, Drummond Advisors promoted their QuarenTEMA project, a series of webinars on wellness and mental health focused on providing improvements to our collaborators during this period of prolonged social distance resulting from the pandemic.

Débora Batista, senior accounting analyst who has worked at Drummond for 2 years and 2 months, was the creator of the initiative. She says she had the insight after going through losses caused by COVID-19. One day Débora was listening to the song Keep Moving, by British band Jungle, and, inspired by the message of the song, she thought she could bring something to help her colleagues, and herself, to keep moving even during quarantine. “Each subject of QuarenTema was designed to provide a break from our routine and look at ourselves. Every day we are working, making deadlines, but does each employee stop for 10 minutes and take a look at themselves? It was with that in mind that I came up with the idea to create the webinars, to provide that moment of self-care that is so important. And I managed to set up the project I had built in my mind! It was very gratifying to be able to show what Drummond can also offer its employees, not just the technical part, and that the company is always open to suggestions for improvement. This initiative was very much in the sense of looking at the human being and valuing people”, said Débora.

The first webinar in the series was focused on “Anxiety and Self-Care” and was delivered by psychologist Patrivia Andrade, who specializes in Psychotherapy for Adults.  She talked about how to deal with anxiety in a work environment and brought tips for self-care that are able to positively impact a home office routine.  “The initiative to do several webinars at this time was extremely important. Because a lot is focused only on the general problem, and doesn’t look at what it causes in people and how to deal with the circumstances”, explained Patrícia.

The second presentation was on “What no one told you about how your emotions and your mind work”. Presented by psychologist Lauane A. C. Silva, who specializes in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, the online event addressed the influence of thoughts on emotions and behavior. “The collaborators who participated in my Webinar were extremely engaged and receptive, showed a lot of interest in the topic and with that, they made me feel understood and with the objective achieved in the end!”, commented Lauane.

The third meeting of the series had talked about“Dealing with Stress” and was led by students Luciana Campelo and Sabrina Esteves, who participate in the CAP (Center for Applied Psychology) at UNIP. “The experience not only added to our learning as interns, but it was also important because we were able to pass on our knowledge on the subject, generating interaction with the participants, exchanging experiences and showing that there are ways to deal with stress in everyday life” , said the students who are in their final year of their Psychology program.

“The importance of self-knowledge for change” was the title of QuarenTema’s fourth webinar. Psychologist Meriete Cardoso, who has over 18 years of experience in people development and is the creator of the Ikigai: Purpose of Life and Career project, was the guest professional. ”I believe that all personal and professional development starts with self-knowledge and being able to contribute so that people can become increasingly aware of why they do things and how they do it, based on their temperaments. This is something that nourishes me a lot. The class was very engaged, relaxed and receptive! It was a beautiful moment for exchanges and learning!”, stated Meriete.

The fifth and final webinar brought tips to help in learning English, a crucial language for collaborators at Drummond, being a global company with offices in Brazil and the United States.  The topic “Why don’t I speak English?” was presented by Gabriela Imbernom, Pedagogical Manager at CCLi Consultoria Linguística. “In our chat, I was able to clarify doubts about learning foreign languages and listen to employees’ diverse experiences in relation to acquiring language proficiency. I found the company’s initiative to bring employees more opportunities to develop their skills incredible”, said Gabriela.

When asked about the final impressions of the experience, the employees of Drummond Advisors gave nothing but praise. “I believe that QuarenTema was very important, both for me and for other employees, as it showed that the company really invests in us, that they are concerned about our situation in the pandemic. It is very important for us, especially at this time, to feel welcomed. I’m very happy to be part of all this!”, commented Cíntia Resende, a financial assistant who has been working at Drummond for almost a year.

The idea is to make the project a recurring event at Drummond Advisors, which always seeks to work as a team with its employees – one of the company’s core values – to offer the best possible work environment.

Written by Aline Ribeiro, Content Consultant at Drummond Advisors

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