E-2 Visas: one of the fastest and simplest work visas to bring you to the USA

Did you know?

Brazilians with dual nationality with countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, Argentina and others can apply for an E-2 work visa, one of the fastest, simplest and cheapest ways to work in the USA.

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What is an E-2 Visa? 

An E-2 is a temporary work visa, with non-immigrant classification, that allows citizens of countries that have established treaties with the USA to be admitted into the USA when investing a substantial amount into an American company.

This visa can be used by investors who want to work in the invested company or by employees of this company, as long as both have the same nationality.

There are many countries that have this international treaty with the USA, some of which include: Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Argentina, Chile and France.

Why get an E-2 visa?

It is possible to obtain an E-2 with quickness, practicality and at a reduced cost. An E-2 visa is processed through the American Consulate located in the country where the beneficiary resides (as opposed to other visas that are processed through USCIS, which is located on US soil); this makes the process faster, simpler and cheaper than the vast majority of North-American visas.

Another important point is that the amount needed from the investor is much lower than that of the EB-5 and the required number of employees hired in the USA is also lower when compared to other visa procedures.

Can a Brazilian citizen without a dual nationality apply for an E-2 visa?

No. However, Brazilian citizens who also have citizenship with countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany and Argentina can apply for an E-2 visa.  For a complete list of countries that have an E-2 visa treaty with the USA, click here.

How long does an E-2 visa last?

The length depends on the treaty signed between the USA and the country of your nationality.  There exist countries that have terms of up to 5 years and others that have terms of validity of less than 1 year, depending on the reciprocity agreement between them.

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